The Board

Our mission is to inspire lifelong interest and encouragement in opera and classical music, and to promote music education for students, including financial support.

Proud sponsor of the Harold S. Schwartz Music Scholarship Program

Geraldine Piscitelli, President & Program Chair

Geri Dempsey, Vice President & Dir. of Community Relations

Ian Walmsley, Treasurer

Ann Forrester, Recording Secretary

Pearl Kosa, Corresponding Secretary & MAP Chair

Pearl Kosa, Scholarship Chair

Robin Messenheimer, Membership

Mary Boczkowski, Director & Assistant to Corresp. Secretary

Bill Doherty​, Director/Advisor

Cheryl Collins, Director at Large

Lou Sasmore, Director at Large

Pauline Pan - Director Emeritus

Marlene Croft, Director & Hospitality Chair

Gigi Letendre, Director & Sunshine Chair

Rosalie Locke, Director

William Peck, Webmaster

Rosalie Locke & Marlene Croft, Hospitality Committee

Bill Pennix- Archivist

Major Milestones