Our mission is to inspire lifelong interest and encouragement in opera and classical music, and to promote music education for students, including financial support.

Proud sponsor of the Harold S. Schwartz Music Scholarship Program

Monthly Meetings of THE OPERA CLUB OF THE VILLAGES are held on the fourth Thursday of every month from September until May, although there are exceptions due to special circumstances.

Our regular meeting place is the Lincoln Theater of the Laurel Manor Recreation Center at Buena Vista Boulevard and County Road 466. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. We start with a brief business meeting, followed by entertainment. We try to provide live entertainment whenever possible (and within the constraints of our budget) but occasionally have a DVD presentation. The meeting concludes with refreshments being served. These are provided by our members.

Membership in the Opera Club is open to all residents of The Villages. Knowledge of opera, or the ability to sing are certainly not prerequisites - - we get together because we like all varieties of good music including opera, and we want to share our appreciation for good music with our fellow Villagers.

Annual dues are just $25.00 per person and go toward entertainment at our meetings and operating expenses. As noted above, the season runs from September through May of the following year.