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Our mission is to inspire lifelong interest and encouragement in opera and classical music, and to promote music education for students, including financial support.

Proud sponsor of the Harold S. Schwartz Music Scholarship Program

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Update: Harold S. Schwartz Scholarship

Technology is sometimes a blessing. Yep, with the aid of technology we were able to conduct "virtual" auditions for the 12 scholarship applicants. The judges were able to view the video auditions and select 6 very deserving scholarship winners. You can enjoy these same videos by clicking HERE.

New website - why?

As you’ve certainly noticed by now, the OperaClub’s website has a completely different look and “feel” to it and you might be asking; “Why the change?

Background - Website “traffic” is tracked for all sorts of things including what type of devices are being used to view the site. During 2020 nearly 50% of the “visitors” to the Opera Club website were using what many call “smart devices” - those being tablets and smartphones. With so many different ways for people to view a website, every website needs to automatically adjust its content so the content displays well regardless of how it’s being viewed.

Ever notice how when you turn your tablet or smartphone from vertical to horizontal what you are viewing automatically resizes and rearranges itself? Our old website was not designed to do that. Our new website is.

Bottom-line - We undertook the task of completely redesigning the Opera Club’s website in order to give each and every “visitor” a best viewing experience possible; be it on their desktop monitor, or on any of the many different brands and sizes of smartphones and tablets.