2018-19 Board of Directors

Geraldine Piscitelli, President
Mary Boczkowski, Vice President
Shirley Agness, Recording Secretary
Joan Lucker, Corresponding Secretary
Helga Sharp, Treasurer
Connie Connor, Director
Geri Dempsey, Director
Else Drusts, Director
Pauline Pan, Director
Lou Sasmor, Director
Norm Schuster, Director
Marty Taylor, Director
Roy Ullrich, Director



Your 2018-19 Board of Directors

(left to right)  
Pauline Pan, Connie Connor, Helga Sharp, Mary Boczkowski, Else Drusts, Roy Ullrich, Geri Dempsey, Shirley Agness, Joan Lucker, Norm Schuster, Gerri Piscitelli and Lou Sasmor

(Not pictured)  Marty Taylor
Committee Chairs

Marty Taylor, Scholarship Chair
Pauline Pan, Special Events Chair
Lou Sasmor, Membership Chair and Publicity
Norm Schuster, Raffle Coordinator
Roy Ullrich, Webmaster
Gerri Piscitelli, Program Chair
Mary & Len Boczkowski, Make Music Coordinators
Roy & Jackie Ullrich, MAP Coordinators
Geri Dempsey, Hospitality Chair
Gigi Letendre, Sunshine Chair
Hospitality Committee:  Pat & Larry Gunzenhauser,
Janet Honecker, Ina Lidsky, Rudy Ruckert

"Viva Verismo" featured at Novemer 2018 Meeting
Opera Club members were treated to a selection of "Verismo" opera arias by artists from the Central Florida Lyric Opera Company.  Accompanied by Maestro Bill Doherty on the piano, we had the pleasure of  listening to baritone Miguel Salas, soprano Mariangel Cestari, bass Sam Reynolds, and mezzo-soprano Sway Chen.

Verismo Opera is defined as a school of composition that originated in Italian opera toward the end of the 19th century, drawing its themes from real life and emphasizing naturalistic elements.  Its chief exponent was Puccini.

Each of the artists sang at least two areas, and at the end of the program, Miguel and Mariangel treated us to a duet from "La Boheme."  A truly marvelous program enjoyed by all members present.

         Miguel                                    Mariangel
           Sway                                    Sam
Miguel Salas, Sway Chen, Maestro Bill Doherty, Mariangel Cestari, Sam Reynolds