The Opera Club of The Villages encourages all lovers of good music who are residents of The Villages to attend our regular monthly meetings and the special performances scheduled.  You do not have to sing or know all about opera - a love of good music is our only requirement.  Members as well as visitors are welcome.

The main mission of the Opera Club is to collect donations from members and friends, or from special fund raising events, to fund the Harold S. Schwartz Music Scholarships, which are awarded to graduating high school seniors from Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties, who are planning to pursue music education in college.
If you would like to make a contribution toward our Scholarship Fund, a remittance form is attached here.

In the past three years we have awarded $126,000 to deserving students.

In addition to checking the Recreation News of The Villages "Daily Sun," you may receive advance notice of upcoming events, as well as news about the club by signing up for email.  To get on our mailing list or to change an existing email address, please contact Membership Chairman Lou Sasmor at dlsasmor@gmail.com or Roy Ullrich at pelicanroy28@gmail.com


In Memory of Richard Tucker
The Villages High School Senior Awards Scholarship Ceremony
On Tuesday, May 10, 2018, The Villages High School senior Awards Ceremony took place at the Savannah Center.  More than 100 students sat on stage in anticipation of receiving awards and scholarships from 83 organizations, clubs and individuals.  The Opera Club of The Villages was represented by Jackie and Roy Ullrich, and the following awards were given to the three students pictured below.  At the left we have William Harwood, a saxophone player, who won our $8,000 Harold S. Schwartz Music Scholarship.  Next we show Soprano Genesis Heart, who won a $1,000 Encouragement Award and who, by the way, was the Salutatorian of this year's senior class.  Finally, Robert Gonzales was the recipient of this year's Oscar Feliu Award in the amount of $3,000.  Robert was singled out as having been an outstanding contributor to the school's music program throughout his four years at TVHS.
On the evening of Thursday, January 24, 2019, a large gathering of members and guests of the Opera Club of The Villages was treated to a special event, a celebra-tion of the life of famous Metropolitan Opera tenor Richard Tucker (1913-75) presented by Barry Tucker (Richard's son.)  Through slides, video clips, and anecdotes, Barry gave us a marvelous oversight of the world renowned tenor's life and career.  As a special bonus, we also got to meet former Metropolitan Opera baritone Sherill Milnes, who happens to be Vice President of the Richard Tucker Foundation.
                      Mr. and Mrs. Barry Tucker                                                   Barry Tucker                                           Barry Tucker ad Sherill Milnes
A special cake inscribed "Memories of Richard Tucker" provided a fitting centerpiece to a dessert table laden with a multitude of "goodies" to be enjoyed by the crowd in attendance.  Hospitality Chair Geri Dempsey, plus her daughter and granddaughter, who helped serve, are to be thanked for their herculean effort.